Remedial & Sports Massage

Most 'musculoskeletal' problems tend to be from:
• Poor prolonged posture
• Faulty body mechanics
• Stressful living and poor working habits
• Loss of strength and flexibility

RSM uses assessment, treatment and rehabilitation skills to address these issues and help to promote healthy functioning of the whole body.

The first session is approx. 1hr 15 minutes, following sessions are approx. 1hr.  The session will include case history, posture anaylsis,  treatment and aftercare.

Remedial & Sport Massage: £40

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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue.  It helps to release muscle tension and knots in the body.

It is helpful for:
• Chronic pain
• Lower back pain
• Limited mobility
• Recovery from injuries
• Repetitive strain injury
• Postural problems
• Muscle tension or spasms
• Osteoarthritis pain
• Sciatica
• Tennis elbow
• Fibromylagia

30 mins: £30                                       
45 mins : £35                                           
60 mins: £40

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Aftercare & After Effects

After effects can include:
• Headaches
• Increased urination and bowel movements
• Increased thirst
• Stiffness in the muscles
• Sleepiness/extreme fatigue
• Heightened emotional state
• Bruising/soreness

These should resolve in 24/48 hours

Aftercare for all massages:
• Drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins and rehydrate the body
• Avoid stimulants - alcohol, coffee, etc for at least 12 hours
• Eat only small meals before and after a massage
• Avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours
• Rest and relax

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