Male Waxing


I specialise in all over body waxing for men & women using warm (strip) and hot (non-strip) Kim Lawless wax, from eyebrows to full body.

I was trained by 'The Wax Queen' Kim Lawless, one of the leading authorities on waxing in the UK.

No 'Double Dipping', I dip the spatula into the wax once and then throw it.

Male Intimate Waxing

Speedo - crease of leg: £21

Buttocks: £25

Crack: £25

Buttocks & Crack: £33

Part Groin - speedo, scrotum, penis: £47

Groin - speedo, scrotum, penis, pubic mound: £53

Brazilian - speedo, scrotum, penis, buttocks & crack - hair is left on pubic mound: £66

Hollywood - speedo, scrotum, penis, buttocks & crack - no hair is left on pubic mound: £77

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Male Waxing

Eyebrows: £13

Nostrils: £11

Chest & Stomach: £31

Back: £31

Full Leg inc feet: £33

Lower Leg inc knees & feet: £24

Upper Leg inc knees: £24

Feet: £13

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Advice & Aftercare

• Hair needs to be at least 3-4 weeks growth (approx 10-12mm)
• Waxing is recommended every 4-5 weeks
• Regrowth varies as everyone is different
• The more you wax the slower & sparser the regrowth
• For Hollywood & Brazilian waxing you will need to remove your pants
• Please arrive freshly showered, wipes are available
• Any redness in the waxed area is normal, it may be seen for several hours, it varies from person to person.  It will return to normal within 24hrs if aftercare is followed

• Do not have a hot bath or shower for 24-48hours
• Don't touch the area that has been waxed
• It is best to avoid perfumed products (shower gel, deodorant, moisturiser, etc) for 24-48hours
• Do not swim, sauna, steam room or jacuzzi for 24-48hours
• Avoid UV light, sunbathing, sunbeds and fake tanning for 24-48hours
• Don't have a massage or body treatment for 24-48hours
• Once or twice a week exfoliate or body brush gently
• Make-up should be avoided for 24hours, mineral make-up can be used
• Avoid wearing tight clothing for 24hours
• Any rashes or signs of infection after 48hours see your GP

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